— Apr 28, 2023 —


An Unexpected Journey

I cannot believe it’s been almost two years since what I though would be the beginning of my digital nomadic lifestyle. The very first and only other post in this blog contains the teaser video I made to intro the vlogging series I never actually started. Instead,the whole time, I privately hoarded footage of the four months I spent on the road and videos of me ugly-crying as I went through a series of life-changing events.

Today, I feel rooted and safe to finally begin to share as I celebrate the 5 months since the birth of my lovely son (pictured above). It occurred to me that it’s not uncommon to want to just quit your job and get on the road. It’s also not uncommon to wonder and ponder if and when you’d like to have kids as a person with anxiety. I’ve heard it before, the desire to damn it all to hell to break free and just stop overthinking. Well, after actually making the leap, I’m here to report that is not easy, pretty, or close to what you might expect - at least it it wasn’t for me. This is why I’d like to re-start this blog from a place of lived experience rather than pure optimism. If you don’t mind a whole lot of mommy talk (because that’s what my life is now) tune in to get the juicy deets 🙂